One indicator that makes a difference in terms of how customers perceive the shopping experience in a shop is direct contact with the staff. This factor of Retail Management affects shoppers’ general opinion of a brand, so a positive experience supports the Retail Marketing.

The main requirements in the selection of people for customer service in retail establishments depend a lot on the nature of the target audience. In some situations, a friendly offer of assistance is valued, whilst other customers prefer to browse and find products themselves. Either way, staff must have the necessary experience and training to be able to answer any question and assist customers while they are in the shop.

Apart from knowledge, it’s also important for the whole team to work together towards the same goals, in order for the retail company’s cycle to work. We know from experience that the people working in a shop bring the place to life. Apart from taking care in the selection of staff, you also need to train and manage them well so they understand your strategy and think of your project as their own.

Finding the right staff: Our support, your decision

We are your Human Resources department. The search for employees requires considerable preparation such as a description of the requirements and publication through various channels to obtain applications from the people that best fit your business, all in a bid to avoid investing time in interviews that go nowhere.

These tasks can be time-consuming, so we want to take them off your hands for you so you can focus on managing your retail company. We’ll advise you in defining the profile of person you need to look for to cover each position so your project continues to move forward and then put this into practise in selecting the people that best identify with the shops’ brands and the atmosphere we’ve created.

Once this is up and running, we’ll develop the tools you need to measure the performance of each employee. It’s important to always be aware of what goes on at your sales points, and also assess how results and service quality-orientated your staff are, in addition to considering employee requests. Because only if they are all happy with the strategy and follow this as a team will you be able to achieve your top targets.

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