Trade marketing

Trade Marketing is the part of Retail Management that relates to marketing by salespeople aimed at distributors. The main objective of this area is to strengthen the collaboration of both parties to increase efficiency and the resolution of conflicts in relation to distribution.

That’s why it’s important to understand the wishes of your trade partners and align your strategy with the goal of becoming their preferred supplier in terms of range and services, offering additional programmes and incentives that are constantly changing and according to the product. These wishes often relate to the following subjects:

  • Range policy
  • Trading conditions policy
  • Cooperation of management: Trade Relationship
  • Logistics
  • Coordination of information and merchandise
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Cooperation in the protection of the environment

The care and constant improvement of these areas are important matters, given their strong impact on the relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor. For this reason, a clear definition of the trading conditions policy forms the basis of a working relationship with no surprises.

Coordination of Trade Marketing tools for the improvement of retail results

In order to guarantee that your retail company can enjoy the benefits of a good manufacturer-distributor relationship, we will help you to establish your main sales goals, strategies and plans of action needed to offer the customer the product they need through a harmonious distribution channel.

We help you to boost and accelerate your sales, coordinate your promotions, develop merchandising, assess your positioning with respect to the competition and generate a large flow of customers. In this way, you will obtain a distribution channel where all the agents are rowing in the same direction, supporting your company in the promotion and distribution of the products and thus achieving mutual benefits that increase revenue on both sides.

With our guidance we want to help you to create a perfect synergy between all agents of the financial transaction, through optimum application of the Trade Marketing tools.

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