How many clicks away from your customers are you? Are you really taking advantage of the new technology to boost sales and strengthen the bond with consumers? Are you up to date with the latest trends that are developing?

Retail360 wants to inform you regarding all the new trends of online Retail Marketing.

We know that the number of new developments on the internet can be a bit overwhelming. But we’ll show you that you don’t need to see these as a threat, rather that with the right means, they can be a great opportunity. Reach your targets with our support in the development of an unbeatable e-commerce strategy!

Permanent contact with the customer during the sales process

Who doesn’t like to enter a shop and be received by a friendly shop assistant? E-commerce makes this possible as it gives us the possibility of knowing more about the tastes and interests of our customers.

An important part of Retail Management is good knowledge of your customer and their individual wishes. Every movement customers make on the internet, especially on a company’s e-commerce pages, leaves a trail that makes this process easier for us.

This allows us to apply the concept of Big Data through statistical tracking and analyse the relevant data to adapt e-commerce shops to customers’ needs and increase the conversion rate.

Retail360 supports you in your decision-making in all these areas

Mobile Commerce

The mobile version of e-commerce with a specific landing page for devices with smaller screens facilitates the usability and understanding of the website for users. This type of consideration can lead to an increase in the ROI of a retail business, and Retail360 advises you so your e-commerce is up to date in terms of versions for mobile devices.

Customer Experience

Due to the large selection of online shops, it is more and more difficult to maintain customer loyalty, as customers can so easily compare and change page. That’s why it’s important to put the customer at the centre of the retail business, by adapting the services to their needs.

In this way we can facilitate the purchasing process through a flexible design for shipping options and delivery time or local delivery options.

One additional way of creating a positive shopping experience is the implementation of applications, like for example, virtual fitting rooms, that not only have the practical effect of reducing returns but which are also fun and stick in people’s memories.

Online marketing and the social networks

One very effective way of carrying out online marketing is through the use of the social networks as platforms to introduce products.

In this way, not only do people see the products but on social networks like Instagram you can set up a direct link to the page where you can buy the product through a single click. This means of communication opens new doors for interaction with customers.

Another important aspect is the online tracking of actions which serves for the analysis of results and subsequent use of these in campaigns seeking return on investment.


One particular trend that we are seeing at the moment is the blending of online and offline commerce. This development is known as the Omnichannel approach which allows the interconnection of various channels, offering for example the online ordering of an item with collection in the physical shop, which reduces returns.

At Retail360 we are convinced that these connections can give e-commerce a personal, human touch! That’s why we put so much emphasis on the online shop, because we know that every computer, Smartphone or Tablet has a potential customer on the other side and we want them to visit your business.

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