We never stop learning. That’s why, particularly in areas with a high level of direct contact with customers, where trends and preferences change quickly, it’s important for employees to be well-trained and ready for any eventuality. Additionally, your employees are the image of your brand and the service they give your customers sticks in their memories, strengthening your company’s reputation.

This is why we offer coordination and organisation of the training of your employees that prioritises the company know-how and boosts their sales skills so you can be guaranteed to reach your sales targets.

The training aspect not only helps to improve your staff and brand. It has also been demonstrated that the provision of training within companies increases staff motivation.

And motivated staff get much better results!

Analysis of the sales methods to find areas for improvement and apply these to Retail staff

Training is not a one-off process but rather one of constant improvement which is why this needs to be checked periodically.

One method we use for this purpose is that of the mystery shopper. With this tactic, a person goes in to a shop and requests the help of a salesperson. They may ask various questions to check the sales knowledge and customer service, to then assess the answers and discover potential improvements that could be made. With this analysis of the results, suggestions are made based on real cases for future training plans.

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