Advisory services when setting up a shop are crucial to start off on the right foot. There are many decisions that need to be made and the main goal is to focus all these decisions in the right direction so the business takes off. Retail consultancy is one of the main solutions for this task as it will guide the business owner through all the aspects they need to take into account for their new business.

The most important thing for retail businesses is to set themselves apart from other shops and establish their distinguishing features and to do this, it is essential to control all aspects that make the shop stand out from the rest. Decisions regarding the location for the shop, the appearance of the shop front, the corporate colour, the signs that will be visible on the outside, etc. must be planned down to the millimetre so that when potential customers come through the door, they feel like they are in a place that is different and that the products on offer are completely exclusive and interesting to cover their needs.

We bring the client’s dream shop to life

And the most important for retail consultancy experts is to listen carefully to the client, i.e., know exactly what their idea is for the shop they want to set up and how they want to achieve this. From there, the specialists will start to work and advise you on the best way to do this and the steps you should take to achieve your goals. This is where design work starts on a rigorous strategic and advisory plan to provide all the relevant information the client needs for their business to start to take shape.

This work involves trying to bring to life the dream shop the client wants, always taking into account the market trends and the necessary strategies that will allow the launch of a competitive, profitable product for the development of the business.

We are Retail specialists

Sometimes, change is necessary and it’s better to change the aspects of a shop that are not working. Retail consultants know the market trends and preferences of end customers to perfection and know what a brand should offer if it wants to reach the heart of the end consumer of a product, that’s why it’s so important to put yourselves in the hands of true retail professionals, because their advice is synonymous with sustainable development and commercial revitalisation.

Strengths vs Weaknesses

Both if the shop is new and if it is already open to the public, retail consultancy takes care of the creation of a meticulous report with all the business’ strengths and weaknesses to set in motion the appropriate changes and reactivate the shop or, if applicable, get it started with the professional advice or experts who know all the ins and outs of how retail shops work and how to launch new brands.

Décor: strength

The interior of a shop must ooze the brand’s spirit, with the colours, essence and atmosphere of the product on offer. To do this, it is essential that the décor be in line with this goal; the distribution of shelves and other furniture, lights, music, appearance of the shop’s staff, etc.

Corporate interior design

The optimisation of spaces and the positioning of the material is essential to seduce the public into entering the shop. The visual aspect is of paramount importance and cannot be left to chance. Retail consultancy takes care of this and other aspects that could lead to a completely different end result from that expected if not given the appropriate attention. Corporate interior design considers the various aspects of the shop such as its surface area, visibility and the goals of the brand and shop. Of course, always in line with your available budget.

Abiding by the law

In another order of things, retail consultancy also takes into account the legislation in force in relation to retail shops (online and offline), and therefore also takes care of the management and necessary documentation to ensure that the operations of the new shop do not fall into any legal loopholes and take place with all the legal guarantees and in compliance with said legislation.

Integration of the online and offline strategy

Both sales channels must be correctly scaled in each market to satisfy customers’ needs and make the customer’s journey excellent through any of the brand’s sales channels.

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