Visual Merchandising

Studies show that 65% of purchase decisions take place at the sales point and 29% of purchases consumers make are on impulse. If we also take into account that 90% of the information that reaches our brains is visual, we have the perfect combination for Visual Merchandising to become a useful tool to reach customers and increase sales.

The goal of Visual Merchandising is to use the space of an establishment to create an experience that allows visitors to feel comfortable while they are shopping. The use of colours, different lighting and the latest technology allows you to create attractive spaces that catch the eye of potential customers. First impressions are essential, and with the use of creativity and innovation we can design environments with personality.

Visual Merchandising allows us to get the customer involved

The way of presenting the products in a shop, the colours and designs used, must be in line with the aesthetics of the brand. Through strategic marketing processes, companies manage to decorate their spaces to reflect their values, make their products stand out and invite customers to purchase featured or promotional items.

These marketing techniques are combined with creativity and design to offer attractive displays that contribute to creating a strong, attractive brand image.

A satisfactory shopping experience is one that allows potential customers to find exactly what they are looking for and discover products they didn’t know existed, but which catch their eye. Visual Merchandising involves visitors in a shopping experience that guides them through the different spaces of the establishment. The end goal is for the customer to enjoy their visit and for the positive impression it leaves them with to incite them to repeat the experience.

Facilitating the purchase decision by highlighting certain products

Essential elements of Visual Merchandising

In order to achieve the best results, it is essential to take into account all elements that affect purchase decisions. With a pre-established strategy, we can guide visitors through the establishment so they can carry out their shopping and leave with a good impression of the company.

The importance of colour

The use of certain colours contributes to creating attractive environments that catch customers’ eyes. It is essential for these colours to be in line with the corporate colour scheme to establish a solid, well-defined strategy. Colours can be used to make certain products or sections stand out so they attract the greatest number of people visually.

Telling a story

Visual Merchandising allows you to emphasize the benefits of the products you want to promote, facilitating the purchase decision. This is an attractive way of telling the company’s story, through different graphic and design elements.

Improved interaction

The customer becomes an active part of the experience created. The chosen elements contribute to promoting a series of stimuli aimed at connecting with the buyer. Visual Merchandising allows you to create interactive elements that make promotions more attractive and fun. This influences the customer’s purchase decision and offers them a positive image of the brand which contributes to them recommending this to others.

Visual Merchandising reflects the brand’s personality

Lighting effects

This is one of the most important elements that allows us to make products stand out and show them in their best light. The choice of lighting for a shop contributes to the shopping experience. Using different tools, we can achieve colour effects, put the focus on a particular section or guide shoppers along a pre-established route.

Seasonal products

The way in which the products are distributed allows us to highlight products taking different needs into account such as the season. The products of the latest season are displayed in an attractive manner so that customers see them and potentially buy them. Creative and innovative use of this concept will allow them to decide to purchase these items, taking into account the stock and sales needs imposed by the market.

Main benefits of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising implies knowing and highlighting the company’s goals to create a shopping experience within the establishment itself. The techniques it offers allow multiple benefits that influence potential customers’ well-being and translate to financial growth and the growth of the brand’s reputation.

Increased sales

An establishment with an attractive design in which the elements used follow a common theme in line with the company’s image contribute positively to improving and increasing sales. With good use of visual merchandising, it is possible to direct customers to the products they came in looking for and at the same time, show them new products they didn’t know existed. Thus combining routine, planned purchases with impulse buys.

Improve customer satisfaction by making customers feel comfortable in your establishment

Highlighting products

The design of promotional elements and the way in which these are distinguished allows the establishment to guide its potential customers towards these. In this way, the whole process is integrated into the shopping experience. The main purpose of Visual Merchandising is to reflect the brand’s personality and help increase the sale of products that need to be highlighted for commercial, promotional or marketing reasons.

Easier purchases

Thanks to Visual Merchandising, the shopping experience is simplified and allows us to guide customers through the establishment. With the help of signs, stands and other decorative elements, the company ensures that everything is organised, making it much easier to find the products and make an effective purchase. Improving customer satisfaction so customers feel comfortable in the establishment and decide to come back.

Stand out in relation to the competition

In an ever more competitive market with multiple options for shoppers, visual merchandising has become a necessary element. As there are multiple brands offering the same services and products, we need to make these stand out through marketing activities and strategies that allow the company to set itself apart from its competitors.

Creating a pleasant environment

Visual Merchandising allows the spaces within an establishment to feel comfortable. This way, customers do not feel the need to get out of there fast and are more likely to spend a longer period of time enjoying the shopping experience. With the use of additional elements like music, aromas and special lighting, we can enhance the atmosphere and make the customer feel at home.

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