According to Spain’s and the World’s 2016 Mobile Report, 60% of mobile device users have used these to make purchases over the internet at some point. At the same time, according to a survey by TheCMOClub, 63% of shops are in the process of implementing an omnichannel initiative as part of their business strategy.

Customers interact with brands through different channels such as the social networks, websites, sales points, call centres, etc. The omnichannel approach combines the best of the offline world with the best of the online world and boosts customer relations with the brand, offering an ever more personalised and attractive sales experience.

Customers are demanding completely personalised shopping.

Personalisation creates a much closer relationship between the customer and the brand and the shop has the opportunity of placing all its resources at consumers’ disposal to increase trust and give them an unbeatable shopping experience.

The omnichannel approach offers fluid, immediate communication with customers, regardless of the channel, allowing them to choose between, change or combine the different channels available to them at any time.

Customer loyalty is achieved thanks to the offering of the best possible experience, both in shops and on the website or the social networks or through any other channel. It gives the brand the huge advantage of in-depth knowledge of its customers and their interests in its products and allows it to choose the most appropriate strategy to establish prices and promotions and meet other needs.

Channels for interaction between the company and its customers

Single channel

This is the strategy chosen by a company to communicate with its customers through a single communications channel which could be sales in the physical shop, e-commerce or other options. Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main limitation of using a single channel to capture customers and for customer loyalty is the loss of the opportunities offered by the latest technology to reach a greater number of users and potential customers. Mustache portland hashtag, polaroid authentic twee coloring fanny pack master cleanse case experience.


This strategy allows the company to gain access to customers through various channels such as call centres, catalogues, websites, social networks, the media, advertising, etc. This concept was already used before the internet and mobile phones came along, however, what has changed in current times is how easy it is for customers to access all of these channels thanks to the new digital devices (smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, etc.). These channels will continue to grow as new smart devices are created.


This is the marketing strategy that describes the experience of customers who use a combination of various different channels to carry out their purchases. For example, a customer might print out product details from the website of a company and then go to the physical shop to purchase the item. Another example would be choosing the product in a company’s catalogue and then buying it on the website or buying it using a Smart TV and picking it up from the nearest shop. Retailers must make it easy for customers so they can easily combine all the channels available to them.


This strategy consists of offering a personalised shopping and communication experience between brand and customer. Although the customer can access the brand through various channels, cancel their order or simultaneously access through several channels, the shopping experience of an omnichannel strategy will always be the same between the brand and each customer. That’s why each channel must save the information and interaction with each customer, and all the channels must be interconnected and the information up to date and coordinated in real time to be able to offer this personalised experience.

Main advantages of the omnichannel strategy

The omnichannel strategy requires the company to have the capacity to individually manage each customer and sales process, through all the available channels.

Increased sales

Retailers shouldn’t be focussed on sales solely in physical shops but also through the online channels. The omnichannel strategy allows greater connection and integration between these, to better take advantage of all the benefits they offer and achieve more profitable results for the business.

Improved customer perception

Customers feel looked after by the brand, regardless of the channel used. The mastering of the digital domain is something today’s consumers expect brands to be able to do to their satisfaction and which makes them trust the brand more.

Better knowledge of customers

Thanks to omnichannel communication, brands have better knowledge of customers’ motivations and preferences and will be able to initiate more appropriate sales strategies. A good use of the omnichannel strategy allows us to more accurately offer the customer what they want and obtain the desired results.

Effectiveness on the social networks

If a brand is able to collect information on the consumer from the social networks they use and use these in its omnichannel communication and sales strategies, it will achieve more effective communications and increase the notoriety of the brand and its sales.

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